Born in Buenos Aires in 1960 where grew up and lived until he was 28. It was when he was only 10 years old that his father took him first time to the Buenos Aires circuit to watch a F1 and sport cars Grand Prix, he was that shocked and impressed by all about he saw that as he said once about that: “I felt as if falling in love with sport cars and F1 racing cars… in a very special way I felt captivated by the Porsche 917, and I perfectly remember I was no hungry for almost 2 weeks!” At this point, he did not even know how relevant it was to be that fact in his future life, as he had come across one of his two passions. The other had already loomed from his infancy, for he showed his affinity and interest in drawing and all about art at the school, however from that memorable day watching racing cars, he always chose drawing both sport and F1 cars instead other themes.

It was in 1978 leaded by his own need of painting, mainly racing cars at that time , Juan Carlos entered The Fine Art School, and soon later he had the chance and found a job in one of most prestigious graphic company design of Argentina where he started his professional career as illustrator, and was able to learn: “I will be always thankful for having been the opportunity to develop and learn at once, I could interchange both the knowledge I learnt at Fine Art School, and the one I was obtaining by means of that job. That was definitely fundamental for me to learn and acquire a higher level method and development of my skill.” He was not still graduated by the time he joint and took part of several important projects, also being responsible on various Motorbikes GP editions. That was in 1985, already as a freelance illustrator that he could build up his vocational training, getting as a designer-illustrator for important client such as: Marlboro, Renault, Aerolineas Argentinas, .. etc,. and at once he alternatively began to participate in several painting exhibitions.

Once he finished his Fine Art studies in 1988, he moved to Ibiza (Spain) and one year later he moved to Barcelona where he has lived ever since. 
In 1994 he held his first “solo” Motoring art painting Exhibition, starting from then to dedicate full time as a motoring art painter leaving so behind his illustrator period. 
He gave his defining step forward when entered the 1st. International Motoring Art Competition, being awarded with the 1st prize among more than 260 artists entries from all over the world . The event was organized by a prestigious English company Planners International Events (P.I.E.), who dedicated to promote and manage Motroring art Painters, that meant another milestone for him, since not only Ferrigno won 1st prize but he was proposed to be painting under their management and he agreed. It was in 1997 and working by PIE management, he’s got to get published more than 50 Limited Edition Prints of his original paintings, by the time he’s getting commissioned original paintings, as well as having annually hold at least one “solo” motoring art paintings exhibition in Europe, mainly in London.

In 2000 PIE got into terms with Haynes Publishers and as a result it was edited and published his 1st. book: “The Motorsport Art of Juan Carlos Ferrigno” by Christopher Hilton, so he got another relevant achievement both professionally and personally. About 2002, he together with P.I.E. decided to add another subject to be painted which Juan Carlos has always been enthusiast and fan of: Music. So given that, his painting style has specially become featured for the motion he got pictured on what he paints. “I had no doubt when my manager proposed me to paint Music, at that point she perfectly knew how I love music so I had already painted some time ago several paintings on this subject by my own”. There was in 2003 he got and held his 1st. solo Music Art paintings exhibition “The Art of Music” at the Mall Galleries in London, becoming very successful, and being part of either another subject to be painted for him and part of the bases of The Charity Foundation “Hope for Tomorrow” created and running so far, being proud to be involved and help in such an innovative motto: Art To Give, which eventually turned out to become the 1st. unit medical mobile centre with the unique aim to help and give support to families to cope with cancer.

From then and apart, always under PIE’s management, he has been getting hold in each season several painting exhibitions at the F1 Paddock Club’s place from 1988 to 2008, where he is present attending the exhibition personally, getting commissioned paintings and also working on a new original in there. Up today Ferrigno has exclusively been working both his motoring and art of music together with Chris Mills, and altogether he has achieved such a peculiar and unmistakable style and therefore lots of enthusiasts and clients around the world who recognize and love his way of painting. He is also happy to have got many collectors and prestigious clients owing some of his painting such as: the British Racing Drivers Club (B.R.D.C.), Eddie Jordan, Jody Scheckter, Mika Hakkinen, Jaques Villeneuve, Juan Manuel Fangio Museum, Ayrton Senna’s Foundation, Ross Brown, Ron Dennis, Sir Stirling Moss, Sir Cliff Richard, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, … among others. They have sure distinguished somewhat on his art, the thing that every artist should express: a real love on what he paints.

At present and after more that 30 years painting, he goes on fully dedicated on it, although and due to his “driving force” and passion for painting, and always trying to capture and give to his painting real motion, he has recently started up with another issue: Marine Art Paintings. In fact, he held his first painting exhibition on yatching and marine art subject by his own in 2005 at the protocol-Vip hall of  “Salón Nautico de Fira de Barcelona”.

In the latest years he is still focused on motor racing, and his art can be seen in galleries and international motorshows.